Symbolism of the Chinese Zodiac Tattoo Monkey

Chinese tattoos are very popular nowadays because of its exquisite symbols that somehow provide us both cultural and distinctive design unlike any others. Chinese zodiacs are derived from the 12-year cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar, wherein every year is associated with a chosen animal. Mostly, the zodiac animals are not the one that is tattooed on the body, instead, it is the translation of each astrological animals in the Chinese language, for it seems to be more bold yet enigmatic, in a way. In contrast with the Western linear calendar which is derived on the stars and constellations, the Chinese zodiac symbols are from the cycles of the moon. And each of the Chinese zodiacs has a matching trait and personalities which is based on the nature of characteristic of the animal.Click Here!

Chinese zodiac tattoo monkey is one of the trendy designs made. Monkey is the symbol of sage king in East Asia. Monkeys are known as a wise and tricky animal. In the animation of the monkeys they are cheaters, dishonest, performs good and bad tricks, wise and witty. But for the Chinese, a monkey symbolizes the 'Great Sage Equal to Heaven'. They adore monkeys because of its consistency and being intelligent. They took monkey as their symbolism of a king that can make reliable decisions and very versatile.

People born on the years 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 are resembled to personalities of a monkey. Because of its intelligence and wise thinking, they prefer to ink a symbol of a monkey to their body. The design of the Chinese zodiac tattoo monkey can be donned on different parts of the body like any other tattoos. You can decide where will you put it and on what size. You can choose a color to put on but you can take the color of something metallic because the Chinese zodiac monkey is a metal element.

If you are born in the year of the monkey you are free to have it inked in your body and be much expressive of your personality. Like a monkey you must be smart but cunning, skillful and talented, agile but playful, baffling but linguists, tough heart but in contrast, you can also be irritable because of your trait of being tricky and disrespectful to others. And sometimes people born in this year are aggressive because they have too much knowledge they become arrogant. But most of the times, they intend to trick others for a good deed also.